Logistics Fulfilment Tech – Vital to D2C Brand's Journey

Logistics Fulfilment Tech – Vital to D2C Brand’s Journey

Getting hold of the inventory as your products fly off the virtual shelves is very critical to the growth of your brand. On-Time-In-Full (OTIF) lends immense credibility to your brand which amongst others, establishes you squarely in the mind of your consumer and results in repeat purchases.

A domain rich logistics partner helps achieve the above through a cool E-com Order Management and Fulfilment application. It starts with getting all your orders from various E-com platforms into one place. Thereafter, all the orders are logically clubbed and assigned between various pickers on their mobiles, with Route Assist feature, so as to ensure the most efficient picking, in turn maximizing the turn-around of your orders. A good application can also ensure Dynamic Order Picking enabling an uninterrupted flow of orders, doing away with mandatory cut offs for turning around orders available within a specified time period. Other aspects like real time bin level stock visibility on First-In-First-Out (FIFO) or First-Manufactured-First-Out (FMFO) for Shelf life items, takes your order fulfilment to a new high. The icing on the cake comes with AI driven Selective Inventory Control features that ensure your logistics partner has absolute control over the inventory entrusted in his custody.

To see how order fulfilment works in a warehouse, check out our video on youtube.

At City Link we have a powerful and progressive application Storequik which enables us to carry out the above and in turn frees up our customers from the vagaries of the back-end, saving all their valuable time in creating amazing customer experiences and scripting enviable success stories.

For more info. kindly visit www.citylinkstorage.in or mail us at storage@city-link.co.in.

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