Clean Storage: A must-have for D2C brands

Clean Storage: A must-have for D2C brands

The kind of Storage environment you hold goes a long way in creating a “Wow” experience for your customers. In case of lifestyle/aspirational brands this aspect gets amplified many times over, given the discerning customer persona that you are dealing with. This is so much like an athlete showing up fresh and full of vigour after a good night’s sleep in the right place. A clean, tidy and organized warehouse does the same for your products as they land into your customers’ hands. One needs to bear in mind the absence of a retail ambience, the touch-and-feel in an E-com arrangement. Hence, all the more that ‘Digital Only’ brands need to pay attention to this finer detail of their brand building journey.

Now, how should you go about the selection process? Let’s examine this first from the outside i.e. the kind of building you should look for. Your options depend upon variables like big box or small packs inventory holding, going solo or tying up with a Logistics Partner etc. Accordingly, your choices would be around small shops, garages, mid-sized RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) or mid-sized/large PEB (Pre-Engineered Building) warehouses. Specifically, for an upcoming D2C lifestyle brand (healthcare/personal care/apparel etc) a well-constructed RCC warehouse is advisable given that such structures score relatively better w.r.t the inside temperature and ventilation, than other options. A first floor option in a RCC building flanked with cargo lifts turns out even better given that the dust levels are comparatively low as opposed to a single level warehousing situation.

On the inside you need to ensure the warehouse flooring is well laid and levelled which helps you install your racks and move your trolleys, with ease and avoid unnecessary dust rising from the floor. Anti-termite treatment if done while laying the flooring would ensure protection of your corrugated and wooden boxes/pallets. The shutters/doors to be sufficiently wide (atleast 6′) to ensure free movement of cargo into or out of the warehouse. Good Natural light and ventilation is a blessing for the health of both your staff and cargo sitting inside the warehouse. Lighting should be suitably augmented within work areas for facilitating efficiencies in binning, picking, sorting and packing.

To see how order fulfilment works in a warehouse, check out our video on youtube.

At City Link we have warehouses designed to suit the above parameters. Fulfilment centres for young D2C brands are functional with expansion possibilities at our multiple Storage locations. Happy to partner for your valuable Storage needs.

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